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Ηοme: a wandering | Artemis Alcalay

Exhibition Opening: November 1st 2012 | 20.00
Book Presentation:
November 1st 2012 | 19.00
1-18 November, 2012

Beton7 gallery
presents Artemis Alkalay's solo show “Home: a wandering”.

Main characters in Artemis Alkalay's photographic work are “homes” that abandon their hearth, the artist's studio, in order to become “homeless” vagabonds who wander around the urban network and thus create a narrative out of places (the cemetery, the church, the ruins) and people (the immigrant, the drug addict, the children) that they encounter. Artemis Alkalay displaces the interior of the house to the exterior of the city and transforms the intimacy of home as a shelter into an uncanny desire for dispersion. She submits these homes into a constant transition from the urban center to the natural landscape, from the peacefulness of the countryside and the sea to the turmoil of the contemporary athenian streets, while making an occasion of exploration, contact and interaction. Alkalay's home thereby becomes a metaphor for the relation between the object-work of art and the space that surrounds it, as well as a metaphor for the intimate and constant interaction that takes place into the social context.

“For Artemis the home seems to be that restless canvas onto which identity meets history, then strives to move on, venturing out into the unfamiliar.” (Laura Dodson)

The exhibition- presentation of the book will be held at Beton7 as part of Athens Photo Festival and will be accompanied by the publication of the book by Kapon editions.

Artist Talks | Sunday November 18th 2012, 17:00

Book presentation "Home: a wandering" (Kapon editions) and tour guide to the exhibition by Artemis Alkalay




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“Together in Electric Dreams. Absent Presence”

Επιμέλεια: Raffael Electric Doerig

Διάρκεια έκθεσης: 1 – 6 Δεκεμβρίου, 2011 

Ομιλία και εγκαίνια | Σάββατο 3 Δεκεμβρίου 2011 | 14.00


To Beton7 παρουσιάζει την έκθεση “Together in Electric Dreams. Absent Presence”, μια διοργάνωση του House of Electronic Arts (Βασιλεία Ελβετίας), σε επιμέλεια Raffael Doerig. To House of Electronic Arts ιδρύθηκε το 2010 με στόχο τη διερεύνηση της τέχνης και των σύγχρονων μέσων τεχνολογίας, και την αλληλεπίδραση τους με τις κοινωνικές, οικονομικές και πολιτικές πτυχές της καθημερινής πλέον χρήσης των "electronics - μέσων τεχνολογίας" από τον άνθρωπο. Η έκθεση “Together in Electric Dreams” σε επιμέλεια του Raffael Doerig αντικατοπτρίζει αυτές τις πτυχές.


Συμμετέχοντες καλλιτέχνες:

Mediengruppe Bitnik (CH), Stefan Baltensperger & David Siepert (CH), Kit Galloway & Sherrie Rabinowitz (USA), Jonathan Harris & Sep Kamvar (USA), Esther Hunziker (CH), Oliver Laric (D), Marc Lee (CH), Unsworn Industries (SWE)

Video screening: "Replay" με έργα των: Aids-3D, Alden Volney, Sabrina Ratté/Boxcutter, Aleksandra Domanovic, John Michael Boling & Javier Morales, Paul Slocum, Oliver Laric, Kari Altmann, Harm van den Dorpel, Guthrie Lonergan, Beni Bischof, Marisa Olson/Tanlines, Körner Union/Larytta, Hinrich Sachs/Ethidium Gould/Jochen Schmith/Goldin+Senneby, Patrick Ward.

Ο επιμελητή της έκθεσης Raffael Doerig θα παρουσιάσει την έκθεση και γενικότερα τους στόχους του ιδρύματος το Σάββατο στις 14.00 στο Beton7.

Ο Raffael Doerig είναι επιμελητής του House of Electronic Arts, καθώς επίσης συνιδρυτής και επιμελητής του Shift Electronic Arts Festival.



Yπό την αιγίδα της Πρεσβείας της Ελβετίας στην Ελλάδα

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