Locked in
Collective video exhibition curated by Eleutheria Stamati and Ioanna Myrka

Andreas Sitorengo | Vasilis Bouzas | Lia Petrou | Eleutheria Stamati | Kleopatra Chatzigiosi | Ioanna Myrka | Konstantinos Tiligiadis | Lina Theodorou

Duration: October 7th - 25th
Opening: October 7th | 18:00
Exhibition hours: Monday to Friday 14.00-20.30, Saturday 14.00-18.00, Sundays closed

Beton7 presents the exhibition "Locked in", curated by Elefteria Stamati and Joanna Myrka. Participated artists: Andreas Sitoregko, Vasilis Bouzas, Lia Petrou, Elefteria Stamati, Chatzigiosi Cleopatra, Ioanna Myrka, Konstantinos Tiligadis, Lina Theodorou.

Locked-in syndrome or LIS, is a condition in which the patient is aware, but can not move or communicate verbally due to the almost complete paralysis of all voluntary muscles of the body, except the eyes. The term for this disorder was given by Fred Plum and Posner Jerome in 1966.

Trapped in a shape, a situation with no ways of escape, a restriction that is suffocating, reaches the limits of the will and leads to physical and emotional inertia.

The art project, aims to explore the encapsulation in a personal, social and political level.


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