'Shakespeare Seasons' from Nostalgia
Performace - installation
based on four texts by William Shakespeare

Four works of William Shakespeare (As You Like It, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, The Winter's Tale) are presented as four seasons in the history of a relationship: the beginning, evolution, decay and end.
Each project is described as a living painting. Passing the beautiful awkwardness of growing up in the zenith path towards the point of falling where people lose control of their communication, the heroes end up in a "winter-Reminiscence," a solitary review ...

Starring: Costas Gerantonis, Panagiotis Lampis, Freddy Magiatza, Niki Nika, Thalia Portokaloglou, Tonia Ralli, Georgina Tatsi, Dimitris Tsaltas
Sets: Panagiotis Lampis, Panagiotis Logothetis, Tonia Ralli, Dimitris Tsaltas
Costumes: Tonia Ralli
Music: Stathis Ntafalias
Video: Panagiotis Lampis, Tonia Ralli, Dimitris Tsaltas, Filio Stamatopoulou
Photo: Panagiotis Lampis, Filio Stamatopoulou, Georgina Tatsi
Concept - Direction: Tonia Ralli
Translation: Erikos Belies
Lighting: Panagiotis Lampis

Performances: 5,6,12,13,19,20,26,27 June 2013
60 '
Tickets (general admission):
10 €



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